Project Management

What needs to be done? When should we do it? How much will it cost? These are the fundamental questions that makes BSODC an essential part of your development plans. There are an extraordinary number of tasks to be completed to bring a Land Development Project from the drawing board into the reality of having new lots for sale. Project Management at BSODC is undertaken by qualified and experienced personnel . All projects by definition involve unknowns and risks and experienced Project Management, such as offered by BSODC, is the most effective way of exercising control. BSODC has been an innovator in the area of cost management with reporting systems proven to be accepted by both Clients and Financial Institutions as being of the highest quality, whilst maintaining formats that are easily understood and interpreted. BSODC's understanding of Contract Law and Contract Administration has been based on three decades of successful land development.

BSODC's role includes detailing works required to meet the various WAPC conditions and the preparation and maintenance of project cashflows including reporting to financial institutions. As works progress BSODC control and authorise payments on your behalf. Quality outcomes are not accidental; BSODC plan quality into their work practices and insist sub-consultants do as well. Being experienced at dealing with local contractors and consultants and the environmental aspects unique to this region gives us an advantage over our competitors.

BSODC's proven history in managing scope, time, cost, risk, procurement and quality ensures desired project outcomes are consistently met. BSODC's real skill in Project Management is in Integration; the art of bringing all these things together.

Some of the more well known BSODC Project Management successes.

Cowaramup Country Estate

Old Broadwater Farm, Busselton

Maybrook Forest, Dunsborough

Cambridge Estate, Abbey

Millfield Estate, Broadwater

Ambergate Heights, Ambergate

Peppermint Park, Busselton

Kalgarich Estate, Busselton

Admiralty Cove, Busselton

Dolphin Park, Busselton

Naturaliste Heights, Dunsborough